If you are like me or at least share the same level of curiosity as most people, chances are your curiosity would have been piqued by the agency name. Perhaps, you have even opened a dictionary to check the meaning of ‘Peths’, (hahaha). 

Because of the avid curiosity of people about the brand – its mission, origin, values, and vision; we decided to host an interview with the founder. In this session, he told us all we need to know about the brand ‘Peths Digital’.

Let’s dive in.

Host: Firstly, where did the inspiration to start the company come from?

Founder: I learned web development and became very good at it, I started getting jobs from people, asking me to build websites for them. Most times, I built them for free. This went on for years until one day. I thought, ‘why not turn this into a business? Establish an agency with the core mission to solve all digital problems.’ That thought was what materialized into the agency we have today.

Host: That’s a lot. I find it particularly interesting how a single thought can evolve into something this big.

Founder: Yeah, magic happens.

(both laugh)

Host: After hearing the name ‘Peths’, I went to check it up in a dictionary but I couldn’t find it. I am curious about how you got the name.

Founder: The name ‘PETHS’ is an abbreviation of what we stand for as an agency.

The P means Plug-ins, like the integration of plug-ins in your website to add to its functionalities.

The E stands for e-commerce – we build e-commerce websites that serve as online stores.

The T stands for themes – that is, we use themes that make websites more user-friendly and responsive.

The H stands for hosting – we offer cool and reliable hosting for websites.

And the S stands for one of the core values of our agency – Security. We build nothing but secure websites for our customers.

Full meaning of Peths in Peths Digital.

Host: I have heard stories of websites that were built and got hacked after a while, making it unresponsive with bad user experience. Having an agency whose core purpose already solves all of these problems makes the idea of building a website more compelling.

Founder: If a website is unfriendly or unresponsive, then what does the website help or solve? I mean, a website should be accessible to everyone and they should have a great experience using it.

A website should be friendly and accessible!

Host: Totally right. So, what would you say makes Peths Digital unique from the plethora of other agencies out there?

Founder: At Peths Digital, we relate and empathize with the needs of our customers. To build a website, you must have a purpose for it, whether it is to drive sales or to reach your target audience. We understand the needs of these clients,  thus we stand out. We do not just build them a website and walk out. We offer both technical and content support on the best practices for their websites. We provide constant maintenance to make sure their websites are in the best condition. We are always available to give customers whatever support they might need.

Host: There’s no debate. I’m getting a website from Peths Digital!

Founder: Right, you should.

(both laugh)

Host: Asides building websites, what else do you do at Peths Digital?

Founder: As the name suggests, we do anything digital.  We provide solutions to all digital problems people face. Our services range from but are not limited to Web Development, Social Media Management, Branding, Copywriting, and Digital Marketing. Whatever digital problem you might encounter, Peths Digital is here to solve them all.

Host: That’s interesting and comforting. I would love to have a single agency that does all of those for me without having to worry. I’m assured they will be in alignment with reaching my goal.

Founder: I believe it’s better to have just one agency manage all these for you. That way, they can make sure your sales funnels are working harmoniously as they should.

Host: You have successfully convinced me.  I have decided already that I want a website, how do I contact Peths to build one for me?

Founder: All you need to do is head on to peths.digital, check our web solutions package and once you find the one that best suits your goals, checkout to place your order. Within 24hrs, a member of our Customer Service Desk will attend to you. We also accept custom requests, all you need to do is send a mail to hello@peths.digital, and our Customer representative will attend to you.

Host: The procedure is so easy.

Founder: The comfort and satisfaction of our clients is our utmost priority.

Host: Leaving here right now, I’m going to place an order for a web solution plan! Thank you for coming here to enlighten us on Peths Digital.

Founder: Thanks for having me.

Wow! That was indeed an enlightening session. I know more about Peths Digital than I did before. I  have to draw the curtain here because I need to place an order for my web solutions plan. I know right, I don’t waste time. Bye!

Excerpt from our conversation with the Founder!